012This is just amazing… the crown and golden artifacts from the Amazon Queens.

Not enough mention of these amazing women for while, but I’ve been thinking a lot about them. To be honest I do all the time… think about them. I admire them and invite them into my life daily…

“A’right girls… what would you do in this situation?”

What we all need right now are people, not just women, who possess the Amazon’s brand of intensity and power.

Let me explain… a little history will help you understand why I think this way.

Some many thousands of years ago, the world was populated with people like us, who lived life in harmony with the ebb and flow of nature. They inhabited places where they could grow food and raise animals… they didn’t “fortify” where they lived, as they weren’t familiar with war or invasion.

The line of descent passed down through the mother… easy to know who the mother was, huh? The formal name for this kind of organizing principle was “matriarchy” or “of the mother”. Women led their communities in harmony with the men… or so it appears. For thousands of years humans evolved peacefully together without a need to overcome others to have what they needed to survive, there was a sense of plenty.

Around 3800 B.C.E. established communities in the Mediterranean experienced invasions of others who overcame their world, killing most of the people who populated their villages… all but the very young women, who they would rape in order to bring more children into the world who were of the two different cultures… (this is an EXTREMELY basic synopsis and just touches the surface, but I’m doing my best to outline a progression of events.)

During this transitional time, many cultures began to move away from the invaders and set up fortified areas to live in, with the encroaching cultures persistently pursuing them and their way of life. Slavery came into being, women were abducted from their villages and transported to other places to work in the textile industry or to provide offspring for the new rulers. As these changes became more and more persistent, women began showing up as warriors, dual Queens who formally led their communities, one secular and one religious, were now called upon to fight for their people and govern them with resistance in mind as opposed to expansion.

This was the true beginning of what we know of as “Amazons”. The first resistence movement ever. They stood up against the invaders and fought back!

What an amazing history we ladies have (and the men, too… the Amazon companions)… these are our foremothers and can serve as incredible archetypes for us to emulate.

Right now, women are the natural answer to the problems we face globally as we’re hardwired to “give a shit” about others. If we weren’t that way we wouldn’t instinctively know that we have to care for our young.  It’s time to get things together as individuals for things to change. What are you doing to lift yourself up and develop yourself into a peaceful Amazon warrior?

How can you make a difference in the economy if you throw your hands up and complain. How can you affect world hunger or homelessness if you’re whining… Get over it! Start working on yourself and figure it out.

What I’ve done to help is create a 12 week home study course for women called Inspire the Amazon Within.  It gets your engines started on self actualization and vital longevity within days of starting it. My life has been an insightful experience… (Sometimes, I feel like a walking statistic) and it has inspired me to help other women get over all the victim mentality that we have going and become super clear, successful and incredibly happy…

Additionally, because of what’s happening in the economy I’ve reduced the price to $47.50 to make it possible for any woman to purchase it! Click here for the description of it to see if you resonate with what it offers… Let me know via email (info@inspiringtheamazonwithin.com) if you’re interested, as I don’t have a shopping cart set up here yet…

If you want a deeper description of the Amazons click here.

Until soon,

The Queen