Yesterday as I drove into town to workout, the horizon was simply stunning. There were billowing clouds in every direction that had varying shades of pinks, purples, whites and blues; highlighted in the folds and plumes of visible air by the low traveling sun. These clouds were the kind that seem sturdy enough to walk on and certainly the ones I thought that angels lived in when I was small.  My only regret was that I would miss this sunset that was setting up to be incredible.  It felt like missing an incredible show that only comes to town once in many years.

I made the most of my drive to the gym, feeling such joy looking at the beautiful gift I was being given.  A bit later and once the stars were out, I had another opportunity to marvel at the generosity around me… a light show complete with mythical characters and action figures.  My companion pointed out Orion; his belt, elbow, knee and finally the bow, then Taurus the Bull.  Again, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for what I was witness to. It occurred to me how much I’m provided for in so many ways.

Not only did I not have to think about growing from a baby girl into a full adult, I didn’t and haven’t had to concern myself with having all that was necessary for that growth to be successful naturally available to me; air to breathe, my heart to pump, my lungs to breathe, the food I ate to go right to where my body needed it in order to grow and develop…it all happened so well without my conscious awareness or even recognition of it happening.

Makes me think, “Who planned all this?!”

Most mornings I get down on my knees with gratitude.  “How can I serve you?” is what is on my lips… I have been provided for in such amazing and loving ways it seems only natural to give back.

It’s easy to overlook how well planned our lives are; how much is taken care of.  It can be missed because we get so caught up in all the “details” that seem so incredibly important; that internal conversation that includes concerns, fears, slights and resentments.   It’s easy to get distracted with all kinds of stuff that seems really damned important… it isn’t, but it sure seems like it is.

Gratitude becomes authentic and spontaneous when life is lived from the present moment.  All that happens in every moment truly is the right thing, or it wouldn’t be happening. So, even when faced with something difficult (or worse), it’s possible to remember that everything can and does work out for you, which will help you relax and remain focused.

The sun will rise soon here… I think I’ll go outside and enjoy that show now.