Standing alone in our life requires a deep relationship with something more than everyday reality. “Alone” doesn’t mean that you don’t relate to others… rather, it means that you first relate to you and sense who it is that you can be vulnerable to.

There’s something really powerful about being absolutely clear about how to make our choices.  If we feel lethargic, drained or negative you can bet that you are not really taking good care of yourself, as when you are running healthy spiritual energy through you – you feel great!

It’s not always easy to know what to do and requires a quiet mind where you can ask your inner wisdom as to what to do next.  When you are feeling low there’s something keeping you from listening to the call of your soul.

Every day is a new one and everyone has good days and not so good days. Yet, when one is commited to listening to the call of their soul peace will ultimately come over you and things start to ease into a quiet ease and flow.

This morning I woke up before the sun came up.  I was sort of rested as I had slept more than 4 hours.  Of late, I sleep little and haven’t known if I was restless due to personal issues or if I was being influenced by energy that wasn’t really mine.  As I lie awake I have a sense of how long I’ve struggled with sleeping… really since I was very young.  It occurred to me that I’ve always had a sense of energy, which may have kept me up at night for most of my life.  I’ve learned to simply pray.  Before I would become upset and concerned about how tired I would be the following day.  Not any longer… I just allow the lack of quiet sleep take me over and rest in not sleeping.

It’s not clear now what’s happening, but I do know that I have absolutely no control over it.  The work is to be present for what is happening and allow it to simply be whatever it is.  This is difficult if I’m focused on some particular outcome and not that difficult if I’m not.  Now, I have no agenda… I don’t know what’s coming and I’m peaceful when I have the faith that what’s coming is perfect for my soul to experience.