dsc02489This a photo of a family of swallows… four little ones being CONSTANTLY provided for by their parents.

These little ones live right beneath my bedroom window and we have become very attached to them… they represent something quite amazing to us.

How well provided for we all are AND no matter where you are in your personal development, wings & faith are necessary.

For many years I truly believed that my good always came to me by virtue of my hard work and dedication. Of late, I’ve realized something quite remarkable.

Without ANY effort on my part, I’ve been provided for in so many ways… there’s always been food for my children, always a home for all of us to enjoy, incredible health, remarkable friends to share time with, just enough money and sometimes a windfall to keep us all provided for with cars, computers, clothes… everything…

And I have worked hard for all of that as well, but that truly wasn’t how my good came to me. It came to me largely through the love of something so much larger and more fantastic than my own efforts.

The past year, with so much happening in my personal life I found something out that I simply have to say. Even when things appeared absolutely terrible in the physical realm, my inner world just exploded with miracles. Ultimately, those inner miracles (things like confidence, assurance, faith, joy and love), started to become visible in my external reality.

I realized that, like these little babies outside my window, there was always sustenance coming in this miraculous way… and I grew healthy with it all.

Doesn’t it surprise you sometimes how much we can complain, though. Just today, I learned that a dear friend of mine passed away. I spoke with her husband for a time and felt inside my heart how amazing it is that we would ever feel that being upset would help us.

I know that it doesn’t… so, I have decided on this Solar Eclipse day to be grateful for whatever I can be grateful for in an effort to get some kick ass wings happening for the next leg of my life’s journey. Wanna join me?

It’ll be fun!

Much love,

The Queen