img_3182These past several days I’ve had a number of people ask me, “What’s happening in the stars?”

Those who know me and my background, know that I have been a professional astrologer for a quarter of a century… (Um… I’m sort of dating myself… but I did start many things fairly early in life [my oldest kid is almost 30!]). That said, it’s funny how often it occurs when there are significant stellar phenomenon occurring, people sense that there’s something up and will ask me about the stars. It’s always because something happened, or they feel some strange difference in the energy… even people who aren’t prone to talking about “energy”.

We are all sensitive to energy… but few of us give it much attention. The truth about energy is that it’s like having a table in the middle of the room that you try to ignore, but you keep hitting your leg on it as you make your way across the floor.

Energy is as real as a table, but most of us tend to make an effort to just ignore it… energy that is.

Then there are times where its simply not possible to ignore what’s in the room (yet physically invisible) and that proverbial table feels like it’s pursuing your lower leg and about to cripple you… or already has.

Those of you who are feeling like “something’s up” are spot on. Something is up and it’s kinda’ a big deal!

For the rest of this year (and then some) the planets Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are all in conjunction between 23-29 degrees Aquarius. All I can say is, hang on to your hats, hair and any loose clothing… we’re in for some change. Globally, spiritually and emotionally.

Neptune rules the spiritual world, God of the Ocean in Greek myths, Neptune is watery, emotional and a planet that makes you feel awash with “I don’t know” sort of thoughts. When one is under the influence of Neptune there’s a feeling of unreality and formlessness that permeates all that is. Having recently gone through a Neptune transit myself, I can say from personal experience that the transit felt unrelenting and vague – all at the same time.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, excessiveness and far reaching possibilities. Coupled with Neptune, well… who knows how this will shake down. Every twelve years, Jupiter makes its way around the zodiac so look to the twelve year olds and see how they respond to this twelve year cycle. They are coming into themselves, and lordy they are too much to believe. Everything is possible to a 12 year old, EVERYTHING… so they are a good example of how Jupiter can influence this incredible time.

Finally, Chiron the “wounded healer”. In traditional mythology, Chiron was the foster parent to many of (or all of) the Greek heroes. He was wounded by a poisoned arrow and through his wound discovered elemental healing. He represents true spiritual integrity… something that’s “given” as the only way to conduct life. Chiron is actually a planetoid… not given the distinction of a true planet but as far as I’m concerned, every bit as transformative an energy as Pluto. Deep wounds are brought to the surface to be healed… and they are. But, as with any healing crisis, there’s difficulty inherent in its presence.

What does this mean for you? If you have planets in your natal chart that are close to (2-3 degrees) to the aforementioned degrees of this conjunction, then in those areas of your life you will experience something miraculous. (If you don’t have your chart, simply email me at to order one for $12.75.) It could feel something like a blanket being removed from your eyes and clarity presenting itself… and this may be shocking.

Whatever wounds you have experienced in the entirety of your life could very well be exposed, providing you with an ability to transcend the pain of the original wounding and enter into deep healing because of it. It will expand your inner knowing, providing you with (in time) the soothing presence of knowing that all is well. This may not come easily, though. You may discover that what has held you back, needs your attention and some sincere accountability.

If you resist the changes or impulses (many will continue to avoid change and hang on to relationships, jobs, even ideas that have outgrown their usefulness), you could be prone to addictive behaviors or become focused on illusions instead of what is presenting itself as reality. All of us have free will, so there are times where we will choose to ignore the deeper urgings to wake up to ourselves in order to remain in a dreamy state of security that is not founded on truth, but illusion. There is nothing wrong with anything you choose to do, yet this significant stellar connection can only bring you closer to yourself… how long that takes is truly up to you as it will occur one way or another.

Collectively or personally, we can all expect things to get stirred up in our lives. The structures that have been in place are already being dismantled. We are being given an opportunity to heal our distortions, our negative beliefs and our current methods of seeing separation between ourselves and others.

Astrologer Wendy Guy of Evolving Door Astrology says; “Chiron is likely to take the splendid vision of Jupiter-Neptune and force it back down to earth – possibly with a crash. It’s not enough to merely dream and believe in the magic of the Universe under this combination of energies. Rather, we need to examine these against the backdrop of the laws and practical considerations of physical existence and the reality in front of us.” .

Let’s just see how this goes… For myself, I’m not prone to thinking that I have any control in life… and I’m content, NO happy about that. I have no control over anything, and neither do you, so refraining from arguing with what is can be liberating. We can appreciate that we understand that everything starts as energy before it manifests into form and continue to be accountable for our lives, shifting our perspective to accommodate our personal growth.

Keep your head high and love everything… it’s easier that way.

Be peace…

Much love,

The Queen