Today I was talking with a client who was expressing some concern about a post she saw on a site that is a health a fitness company.  When she became involved with this organization, the community was a large part of what she enjoyed, not to mention the incredible strides she experienced in her fitness… but they’ve started posted photos – at times – which offend her.

The reason they were offensive is because they expose women in an objectified way, and it bothers her.  We talked in length about it but it struck me that the photos of women, some of whom are accomplished athletes, were highlighting their breasts, and not their incredible talent as an athlete.

Now, I’m with you if you are up at arms about the tired out imagery that gives credit to boobs… but think about this.  Most women would appreciate that kind of exposure.  It’s in line with what they are conditioned to think is valuable and important about them.  The woman being photographed may or may not be upset, but the point is – is it worth getting upset about?

What we must remember is that focusing on how we feel sorts this all out easily.  My choice with this organization – due to their marketing strategies – was to stop visiting their site, and not become an affiliate of their work.  Not because I don’t value what they’ve created, but what they were doing wasn’t feeling good to me.  I just didn’t want to get involved, myself.  They get to do what they want and what feels right for them… I get to do the same.

If more women considered the impact refraining from doing business with companies who are indifferent to what matters to their clientele – it would impact them, and impact them right where they live.  In the bank account.

The turtle is not significant here… I just liked the photo.