dsc02005This will be quick. I have some miles to travel today.

The 4th of July is about INDEPENDENCE… and everyone loves this holiday. Because we are all so interested in being free, but we are free already.

The fireworks can be misleading, as the peace that come with a sense of your innate sense of freedome is light as a breath, but oh so delicious.

Enjoy this day for all that it means to you. Enjoy your family and friends but mostly spend some time loving who you are… you as you are in the physical body that you have. The you that is that unruly little ego that runs the show sometimes… love that part and resist rejecting her. The you that is a heart full of possibility.

For myself, I’m going to the desert today… spirit calls me there. It’s illogical to go where it’s so hot, but I imagine the fireworks I’ll be seeing will be incredible… I’ll be sending you love all day long.

The Queen