food014.jpgIt’s been made perfectly clear to us, that what we eat directly impacts our body mass… but is that totally the end of the conversation?

The Amazon methods for becoming the size most appropriate for your body type does include an aspect of the “what” you eat. But, a greater element of importance is “how” we eat the foods we choose to ingest.

Just today, I was speaking with a client who mentioned a conversation she’d had with a fitness client she’s working with. She started him on a program for reducing his body weight, and offered him the Amazon’s Nutrition Log as a starting point.

The Log is merely a number of pages (loads of them), filled with lines and demarcations for days, and meals. He was simply asked to record what foods he ate everyday, and how he felt after eating them.

Simple and seemingly not that impactful in the course of a person’s life. No changes were encouraged, merely an effort to record, and reflect on his unconscious eating patterns

Yet, this client was floored at how much he ate “leftovers” throughout the day, and the possibility that that alone was contributing to his excessive weight. This example does indicate the value of awareness about “what” you’re eating, but also points to the unconscious nature of how we eat.  Check out Marc David’s ground breaking work around the subject of food and eating… or just pick up his book, The Slow Down Diet.
Make a point of becoming aware of how you eat. Are you aware, appreciative of the food you’re eating and are you being nourished?

More later… The Queen.