TrueLoveThis morning when I woke up I felt this amazing sense of being connected to myself. It was a feeling that permeated all of my cells and expressed itself through every bit of my body.

Nothing “happened” outside of my normal sleeping, dreaming and living experience recently. It was simply what I woke up feeling.

It struck me how rare that is. To wake up feeling so content without something having occurred either the day before or in my dreams. In fact, I had no awareness of any dreams, although I dream a lot and vividly.

Could it be that my personal determination to see, be and live the truth of my being provides such a delicious feeling? Very likely…

In our culture there seems to be more focus on what’s going on “out there” and very little on what’s going on within our lives. Lots of reference to thinking positive thoughts, doing positive things, saying positive words all in an effort to get more things in your life that you want. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, in fact its wonderful that so many people are doing their damndest to be happy… but the simpliest things can trip you up.

Things like not hearing from someone you expected to call you, not getting the job you really, really wanted, not fitting into your jeans can even mess up your day. Lots of things that happen all day, everyday have the potential to inform your life in negative ways… Unless… your focus is not on what’s happening anywhere other than inside your heart.

In truth, we are all programmed to be joyful and appreciative. Look at any little person, they are simply AMAZED all the time. You began your life a little person, you simply grew up and became conditioned NOT to be amazed… in fact, you may have become blase early on in life.

Working for so many years on being positive often felt like I’d never be able to override my own conditioning to respond to my experiences in positive or negative ways, given what those experiences offered me. The Amazon course work has been instrumental in my own life in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. So much so that I was happily surprised and appreciative that the first thought I had this morning was this…

“The nature of true love starts in your own heart for yourself and filters out to all you encounter in unchecked abandon.”

As I began my day I realized that I would have a glorious time today, regardless of what may occur.

I send you love and appreciation for your heart beat, your breath and your being.

The Queen