Inspiration comes to everyone, and it comes in a myriad of ways.

Some people are inspired by the idea of being abundantly provided for, others by recognition and accomplishment. Then there are those who are inspired by the softest of touches, the glimpse of a child’s smile, or the petals of a flower. Finally, there are some who are inspired by revenge or hatred.

It is fascinating how little we acknowledge the power of inspiration in our daily lives, or actually cultivate it. Many talk about “motivation” and how valuable it is … but I would say that action taken with merely motivation can be empty, exhausting and not very productive.

Inspiration, on the other hand gives you the juice to continue and push yourself past what you think is possible. Do you know what the difference between motivation and inspiration is? It’s that sense of being connected to something larger, more powerful than what we feel most of the time. It’s the “sweet” spot athletes talk about, or musicians mention when everything just falls together.  There’s a effortlessness to the effort being made.

The thing about inspiration is that it is something that can drive a sustained effort, like a business, a relationship, a family…. as a powerful undercurrent. Even though there are days, weeks or months that wander by without much change in your life.  If you are driven by a deeper inspiration – you will never get completely derailed.

When I started my business a few years ago, my first concern was to tend to my family. Then, when the war in Iraq started I became completely overwhelmed with a passion for being a part of a total transformation of our collective behavior through my work. If I could help one person see their brilliance, and they made significant changes in their thinking – well, they would do that for others. I just couldn’t bear leaving my children, and their children (and your children… ALL children) – a world where there wasn’t room for love and loving ways to solve disagreements and problems.

(….My thoughts were that if whoever was in “power” only knew how fucking hard it was to bring life into form (birthing a human is pretty intense), they may think just a bit longer about finding a solution to a disagreement than just bombing them…. )

The Amazon material sprung out of that INSPIRATION. I wanted to leave a legacy behind for my children – all of whom are pictured in this post (all but one of my brood were magically in the same place last summer – that’s why I have two photos up). They are…and have been my inspiration for the better part of 30 years! Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am or have the passion to step out of what’s comfortable for me, and work with you. (I much prefer writing quietly in my office, watching my garden grow or doing things reflective and quiet.) Because it is inspired work, it works miracles in my clients’ lives.

Consequently, it does the same for mine.

Blessings, The Queen.