jerry_esther_hicks.jpgThis is a photo of Jerry and Esther Hicks, who are responsible for the “Abraham” material. If you don’t know about these folks, and what they bring to all of us, you really must check them out. But, I can give you a absolute “YES” to what they teach.

Actually, the teachers are called Abraham, and Esther channels them through her. I know, channeling is really “woo-woo” but for me (and I am a hearty cynic when it comes to anything “new age”, and yup, that’s really true. The Earth Mother likes Vodka). When I discovered their work in 1999, I was completely turned off to the notion of it due to the channeling part, but once I actually met Jerry and Esther, I dropped all my weirdness and just took it in.

This sounds cliche, but this material is really been a catalyst for me, my family and my career. I’ve helped more people parroting what they’ve shared than any other form of psycho-analytical mumbo jumbo or even coaching methodologies, I’ve learned.

Today, I rushed up to San Rafael to see them, and was blown away at the number of people who were there. When I started to see them, they would have 15-20 people in the room, making it very intimate, and personal. I think my partner, Rob and I are even on one of their workshop DVD’s from many years ago. There had to be several hundred people in the room and all the people who were fortunate to be able to ask their personal questions were succinct, and to the point. Furthermore, all of my personal questions were answered within the first 1.5 hours!

Super great day for me, and the sun continues to shine here on the coast. Great weather for your Leo friend!

Cheers to you,

The Queen