pool_woman.jpgThis photo just caught my eye today… I want to be her, I think. As I look around the blogsphere, there are so many places were folks are posting such up to the minute, detailed editorials about what’s happening in the world. My question remains… what’s happening for you?

As we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off, there is this thing that’s happening.

It’s our life.

Some days, I know that I make the most of it. Others, well… I’m not that sure. Today I had some client meetings, and a bunch of writing to do… which I completed and then had some lunch with my lover. Meandered back to the office for a bit more work and jumped back in the car to get my hair done…

I loved it. Caught up on my gossip columns…. not a usual pastime for this woman, but fun nonetheless. (My life seems so healthy when I read what other people are doing.) Visited with my wonderful hair girl, Mary and found out what all she’s been doing… a consummate mom, that Mary… (and the epitome of the single mother who just won’t back down.) Then went to the store to buy my regular (weekly) 162 dollars, or so, of groceries (this would be the staples… have to hit the grocery store a lot of days as I have a young boy to feed). Drove home and marveled at the light in the sky as I drove… it was such a treat! Then, put the groceries away and settled in to some more writing.

I haven’t done much to change anything today, other than my attitude.

The Queen.