Have you ever felt like you were putting all your efforts up to the sky, hoping for the wind toimg_1229.JPG catch your sail? I certainly have, and sometimes I’m fortunate enough to actually recognize an “AH HAA” when I get one.

The other night I had a dream where my partner was tying webbing (flat rope used in the climbing world) to a sail in an effort to “catch the wind”. It was a futile sort of exercise he was endeavoring, as there was absolutely no way that the necessary energy would be harnessed with this sail. As I gazed on his determined (and ridiculous) efforts to make a sail that would propel our boat forward, my mind was done with it. It was time to get some other material to create that sail.

Popular dream interpretation suggests that all characters in one’s dream are an aspect of the dreamer’s unconscious… given that, I woke up feeling like I had to create a sail that would be a lot more effective in “catching the wind”. Funny how I was scheduled to make my way to L.A. for a seminar with Adam Urbanski – The Marketing Mentor… (the guy’s brilliant, and he always kicks my ass – which is why I hired him to coach me for a year) the Thursday following my Sunday night dream.

I met some great people over the weekend, namely;

Arvee Robinson – A delightful woman whom I’ve wanted to meet due to my desire to do public speaking.  I had been considering how to get involved with her and her work (kinda busy, and unable to choose what product I wanted to buy), but hadn’t acting on anything yet – I just thought about it alot.  I was happily surprised to see she was attending Adam’s event! Arvee was a recipient of his masterful coaching, and she’s done very well for herself as an entrepreneur, adding a lot of value to others’ lives as a result.  I’ll be heading to her speaker’s event in August, and I’m pretty flippin’ excited about that, too. Check out her site, and go to the event… more women speaking up is a good thing!

The Blog Squad – Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman are the blog squad, and wonderful women to know. They brought a fresh perspective on blogging that I was hungry to hear. My hope is for more contact with them, and some further input about making my blogging rock.

Furthermore, I have a kick butt idea. You’ll find out in time… but right now, I’m nurturing this baby with a ton of love, and so much excitement that I’m brimming with anticipation for it’s birth.

As always, I love hearing from you… so let me know what you think!

The Queen