img_3470Everyday offers you at least one thing to appreciate, but you might have missed it. Being a woman who knows what she wants requires that you learn how to think much differently than you were trained to think.

A few years ago I had a dream about this. Women standing strong and creating much more powerful lives because of it. Not only that, women being the answer to a lot of the challenges we face as a collective force.

How can you, beautiful woman, be more abundant and generous? What with all the details of living that you are responsible for? How can you possibly make a sliver of a difference in relation to the overwhelming problems we face as a culture?

Finding your own path to joy and abundance is how.

Yesterday I received a call from a former Amazon student of mine. She was not employed when she began the Amazon course a few years ago. She had spent 25 years raising her family, which was fairly large and demanding. As a college graduate she had some background in education, but in no way a certification for teaching all these years later.

Regardless of all the glaring facts about her lack of experience or even credentials, based on her work with Inspire the Amazon Within she chose to apply for several teaching positions. At the time, she let me know that it wasn’t her method of being in the past. Normally, she liked everything to line up the “right” way so that there wasn’t a question as to her capabilities. In this case, she didn’t have time, so armed with her new found confidence, she went for it.

Not only did she get a teaching job, she was given a number of awards for her skills and abilities within months of landing her first teaching job! My heart was filled with joy listening to her overwhelming excitement about her new confidence and success.

Due to the economy, many teachers all over the country are being laid off. Given that she was one of the last hired, she’s naturally one of the first to go. She called me to check in and say “HI” and during our conversation she off handedly mentioned how different she felt right now. She was fully present for the fact that she was out of work, but amazed that she wasn’t even the least bit concerned about the job search she was facing. Before even the idea of looking for work made her sweat. This time, she’s kind of excited!

She made a point of thanking me for the Amazon course. She feels that it transformed her way of thinking completely!

That phone call was thrilling in so many ways. Her confidence and joy was infectious. It really got me thinking about what a difference we make when we no longer play small. Whose lives we touch because we move through our concerns and take a risk or two.

Somewhere in Utah there will be a posse of kids who get to learn a lot from a woman who is fully expressed, happy and can’t wait to teach them what they want to learn.

The path to joy is always right through whatever it is you’re afraid of. Face it square in the face and move to the other side. If you need help, GET IT… you deserve to be self contained and happy.

The world needs that too… that you are happy.

The Queen

Here is the link for Inspire the Amazon Within workbook. It will help!