Some one asked me the other day what I thought the next level of human consciousness would be…

Later that day… I had someone else share with me that she considered my input “empty, meaningless psychobabble!”, while another considered me “sexist”…(via internet)

These very different thoughts gave me pause… and all of it brought me back to the original question, the one about the next level of consciousness for us.

My heart opened up to where we “could” go…

From my experience, humans are innately loving. Many would say that I’m completely full of shit with that idea, just look at the news and our combined history! It would be easy to deduct that humans are violent, warlike and cruel.

But this is just not so.

Years of personal research astounded me with the lack of violence in evidence. The history of human kind was literally devoid of any true indications of “war” or even violence from the earliest times on the earth, until about 5000 years ago. Then that changed dramatically. The Bronze Age (3800 B.C.E. – 1500 B.C.E.) brought incredible violence worldwide.

After being raped as a teenager, I dug into an historic search for when women were powerful culturally, and found that we were the leaders of all ancient societies, up until the Bronze Age! The information about the Amazons springs out of that, informing my current work with women intensely.

Lots of speculation and even scholarly research has been done on this subject, most of which points to an absence of war for well over 30,000 years of human existence. There are many who would rather continue to portray humans as innately “violent” creatures to accommodate our continued involved presence in wars and the like. It also is quite soothing when we feel “right” about being involved with personal dramas and attacks on others. “We are just made that way… and I GET to be mad (angry, violent, demeaning) about it!”

But what of defense. Can that be considered violent? In my opinion, defense is actually the first act of war.

There is a shift that has to occur for women in this culture. When we are clear, state what we see around us honestly, provide intelligent statements or responses to others, we are often crucified for that. (Check out this post on the famous Crossfit site, watch the video and then read the responses. It’s fascinating). When we act with disregard, cruelty and vindictiveness we just look stupid and are either published or summarily dismissed (which often depends on many extenuating circumstances… ).

So… that said, what makes a woman powerful?

  • …her ability to respond to others with harsh quips and accusations?
  • …her ability to respond to others with clarity or decisiveness?
  • Does it include being clear about what she wants for herself?
  • Does it mean she acts like a bitch or condescending to others and just takes what she wants?

When I became aware of the responses I listed above about my work and having just been asked the previous question about human consciousness, I smiled. In an immediate sense, the answer to the first question was given by virtue of an absence of consciousness the subsequent comments offered.

True power comes from being focused on yourself and always coming at life from that secure and powerful center. We’ve learned that being educated, working hard, being capable and doing “more” can make us appear powerful. We’ve also been told that being attractive, sexy, fit and young are other avenues for recognition. But these strategies don’t do a lick of good when you aren’t cultivating a relationship to yourself that thrives… or if you don’t realize that you do have an impact on those around you.

When someone strikes out at you they are showing you their pain. It’s not even personal! If you chose to defend your position, you’ve sunk to the same level. Then the war begins.  THIS is not your nature, but it is a collective nasty habit.

Wonder if… you decided to stop defending yourself, stopped being offended by others and resisted the urge to respond to small minded people? Who would you be, then?

Wonder if… you chose to focus on what is good in your life and decided that the most important thing you would do all day long is look for reasons to be happy and grateful?

Well, you may look foolish to others being all happy and fluffy… huh? (that would really be upsetting… someone who is unhappy and cruel thinks you’re foolish). Oh, and you might just piss people off more when you do not engage in their negativity, smile with love and keep moving. My students learn how to navigate the details of life from their center, as a warrior, with integrity.

I challenge you to think about what you’d like to see happen.

Would you rather be a part of a positive shift in human consciousness that could potentially end violence, war and the broad suffering produced by that? Or, would you rather be remembered for your witty… (read, sarcastic, unkind, cruel, limiting etc.) words to others? (You know, those words that keep you focused on what sucks as well as in a constant stream of unhappiness…)

Uh… Seems like a no brainer to me!

The Queen