“No two things can occupy the same space at the same time….” was a phrase shared by Marie Forleo during Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s “The She Factor” event I’m attending in Los Angeles this weekThis phrase indicates the value of being totally present for the moment of now, the moment of today.

People talk about this all the time, really ALL THE TIME.  But few of us actually do it.

There are incredible benefits inherent in being present.  First of all, when you are totally in the moment you rarely miss what’s happening.

A great example of this was a study that was done where 3 groups of people took I.Q. tests. One group focused only  on the test, the second group were receiving and sending emails and phone calls, the third group was high on marijuana.  The first group scored the highest by 10 points and interestingly enough the herb smokers scored higher than the email junkies by 6 whole points!  (another reason to limit your email activity… it’s worse than being stoned.)

This photo was taken last night as I made my way back to the place that I’m staying in Hollywood and it was me being very present for the moment.  I’ve driven past this glaring sign a number of times this week, but the first time I saw it.  It’s gorgeous and ugly all at the same time… and I loved that I saw it…. I was in the moment and caught it on film.

There is so much talk about being in the moment, but it’s pretty hard to accomplish given all the various things that can distract you from it.  The future and the past… a subject or yourself can all get in the way and get you thinking about loads of things other than “right now”.

Try being present today for now… just now.  You’ll find there’s little to be upset about.  Right now is usually uneventful and all the thoughts that lurk around your mind are really what get you spinning.  Love what is happening now and enjoy it… even if its hard to do.  Look for three good things that result from something that is difficult, which gives you power and ability to follow the truth of your being.

Pure Love.