This weekend, I had the opportunity to spend 3 days sinking back into my Dakini practice with my mentor and dear friend, Vicki Noble. It was held at the Center for The Divine Feminine in Palo Alto and I was impressed with the space that we had to play in, and the wonderful women who attended Vicki’s workshop.

In 1995, Vicki invited me to join her in Pagosa Springs at Tara Mandala, the center that Tsultrim Allione founded in 1993, which is dedicated to people who are pursuing a practice of Tibetan Buddhism. I went there in the aftermath of my divorce, and was literally a broken waif of a woman. Tsultrim and of course, Vicki were such a huge part of my healing process, and although I haven’t seen Tsultrim for many years, every morning I think of her and her powerful and gentle teaching.

Since that time, Vicki transmitted the Dakini practice to me and to my daughters, which is a soul retrieval practice that literally dissolves the illusions we have that the ego mind provides so well.

This weekend was perfect timing, and sinking into 3 days with beautiful and intelligent women – all on a quest for a deep and fulfilling life, was incredible for me. I have to say that if you are interested in getting some really great insight and perspective on yourself, contact Vicki. She’s incredible!

It’s certain that I’m completely biased, and “sold” on her work… but I also feel that you would benefit as well, from her warm easy presence and teaching style.

As far as the Center for the Divine Feminine… check that out as well. The more we share the wealth of perspective on becoming powerful women, the better.

Lastly, Tsultrim is another incredible teacher, and one who has a presence that is yielding yet determined, and she’s a champion for feminine power and creativity…. You just can’t lose by working with any of these women!