Every moment, there are signals and messages coming into your awareness from your soul, but it’s likely that you aren’t always hearing it or listening to that voice. Most of us listen to our minds, not our souls because its just so loud, seeming very real or more important than the quieter voice inside your mind.

Your soul has a quiet voice that tells you to “make a right” when you’re driving and once you do, you discover that you just avoided an accident on the road.  Or… the voice that says “there’s negativity here” and you decide not to go to the restaurant you thought you wanted to have dinner at and walk down the street a bit to have dinner at a new restaurant and you find it is delicious.

Of late, there’s so much information floating around about how bad things are in the economy (among other things), which makes it even more difficult to listen to your soul.  The noise of your mind is combining with the noise of many other people’s minds… or the collective energy of fear.

My personal goal has been to listen to the call of my soul and honor it.  What I’m finding that’s so remarkable is that I’m peaceful and happy much of the day by simply honoring the value of being here, of experiencing life, of trusting that all is well… even with my “reality” being upside down and challenging. It surprises me… the feelings of joy and appreciation I have welling up inside of me…

This week I spent two days with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero and a collection of beautiful people, who I now consider “friends”.  We were attending The She Factor her new workshop focused on marketing to women held in Diamond Bar, California.  It was incredible.  Not only was it the first time I ventured out of my “retreat” mode of 4 months mingling with others, it was actually something that I was totally directed to go to by my inner voice.

I’ve learned a great deal from Lorrie over the years having attended her copywriting bootcamp teleseminars and several “in person” events.  She is a loving and attentive teacher, she knows her stuff and communicates it very well… but this event was full of great information that people in marketing really need to know about how to communicate their message and gifts to the female market.

For me, I learned about how I can rise up out of my own mental noise and show up with joy and excitement, even though my life is in a great deal of turmoil.   It was good to know that my soul was very expressive and communicates well… and I was able to listen.

I did alright as I developed more faith in my soul’s voice.

Who’s in charge of everything is not the government, your spouse, your kids or your community.  It’s your spirit that’s running the show and it communicates all the time to you.