I am aware of the thread of strange ideas about women and sex, and actually feel quite fascinated by all the distortions that we hear about. Here is a little ancient history about sex and women.

Before all this negativity about sex, people seemed to get that being intimate with each other was hugely important for spiritual connection. Not only was the sex act something that provided joy to the participants, it was a direct link into “spirit” and a simple way for people to experience “God”.

Then, as patriarchy or hierarchal tyranny emerged, all that changed. Female sexuality became literally “evil”, and women were “unclean”. Before these invasions, women acted as priestesses (as well as leaders, queens, and equal to men), and most likely conducted sexual initiations within their religious or spiritual practices.  This would be akin to what I’ve long thought could be termed the Sacred Prostitute.  It’s evident in many texts and artifacts from millinneums past, sexuality was sacred and akin to a prayer.

Sex became a weapon for invaders to overthrow entire cultures. Kill everyone but the young women, and impregnate them with the seed of the invaders. Rape remains a method even today of subduing others, and a method for humiliating not only the women being raped, but the men who are her family and fundamentally her protectors.

Now, just for a moment can we be logical. Since “god” created us, doesn’t it stand to reason that nothing we experience that was joyful or pleasant was “off limits”. Furthermore, being terrorized about our desire for union in a sexual way, and having that influence us in our early years of being a woman… no sex until married…. leaves a portion of our understanding of our essential self, sabotaged.

Personally, there is no doubt in my mind about the damage that is done by demonizing our sexuality and setting unreasonable limits on expression. Developing self esteem ought to be the primary concern with any religious organization not defining ways to further develop self hatred. Tell a young girl that her feelings of warmth and excitement in her nether regions is bad, it will forever remain just another item of her list of things to do in a day. Her partner is dishonored, and she is devoid of understanding a deeper relationship to spirit.

Inspire the Amazon Within addresses female sexuality directly. Within this course work, and the power principles offered, women begin to re-engage with their sacred sexuality and learn how to celebrate it’s value in a totally different way. The resulting change of perspective offers a deeper relationship to self, and personal power.

Funny how that works.