A few weeks have wandered by since I posted last, but so much has been happening that I’ve been mostly mute….

Doesn’t it seem that transformation is in the air.  There is no way to avoid knowing about the state of things in the world. The economic climate is far from “comfy” what with banks going under and the government stepping in to “save the day”.  Hard working people are losing their homes and the news is mostly difficult to swallow.

What’s good is that what’s going on is much deeper than what it appears to be and it’s positive on that level.  It may look negative from the outside, but that would be an illusion.

This blog is now changing, as it hasn’t really reflected my inner workings as much as what I thought I ought to be talking about.  Kind of like.. “what is my market needing to know” instead of what is my personal commitment to truth.  My truth; not the market’s, not my neighbor’s, child’s, partner’s, friend’s, mother’s… really anyone else’s but my own.

The shift in the voice I intend to use could be viewed as professional suicide – but in truth there’s is nothing left to lose any longer.  I’ve lost everything that I thought I valued, other than my heart full of love and my children.  What’s most important to me I still have.  What had to be removed from my life is already in motion.

Recently, I left town for two months due to a sudden need to release many of my personal dreams. While away, I managed to find some peace within the changes I experienced, yet found myself still tender.  Upon returning home it became very clear that I was going to have to sell everything I own, including my home.  This is the home I’ve raised my family in for almost a decade, which made that reality difficult to swallow and extremely painful. Additionally, I also realized I could no longer provide the kind of service that I’ve trained myself to offer. My life work is changing, too.

All this transition in the space of 3 months.  To say that I am overwhelmed would be accurate….

It’s clear that what’s coming for me is simply a microcosm of what’s coming for all of us.  Change is upon us.  We simply can’t continue to let fear rule our choices.  All of us have a responsibility, no… an obligation…  to develop faith in what I call Source Energy.  You may call in “God” or “Universal Energy” or “Spirit”.  Whatever your name for this power of love that we all share is the “what” I am referring to.

Right now, it is time for you to stop trying to figure out how to make things right and simply focus on what it is that you want to see change and leave the “how” a function of the Divine.

None of us ought to entertain the luxury of a negative thought.   We all have to listen to fearful realities every day – the reality of these times is hard to miss.  We must begin to balance the “real” things with more than just “hope”.  It requires an unadulterated sense of power that each of us possess to transform our own lives and the lives of those we are in relationship with.  This is done through pure faith coupled with heartfelt action.

You are guided all the time by this unseen energy.  Most of the time, though it’s very hard to actually hear what you are being guided to do.  This is what I’m learning now and I believe what my work will now be about.  Reading energy and communicating the inner voice of my client’s soul to them.

It appears that I’m making my way back to real time awareness.  Stripped down to some bare bones; lean, shaky and sometimes unsure of everything… but I’m back.

I have a personal commitment to only serve truth.  The truth of my being…