Dinner at our house can be an event…img_1558.JPG and if it’s an event, it’s generally something unplanned – for sure. Tonight, 3 of my 5 (6 if you count my stepson) children all sat around the table with me, sharing time and “mom” food… good thing for young ones trying to get a leg up in life… food is good!

Anyway, the word “feminism” came up in conversation when I said to my Aquarian son, Asher that he was my favorite “feminist”. That sparked off a conversation that pretty much shook me. He and my daughter, Hannah spent the better part of an hour gently sharing their thoughts with me about how my work was somewhat exclusive – only taking in women’s needs and dreams.

I’m thinking, well I am a woman and I have my story and that’s that. But, as we discussed many variations on the word feminism; it’s validity, power or lack thereof, and their unique (but certainly up to date) perspectives on current trends, I had to listen. Here my dear son, with tears in his eyes, made a point of sharing with me that my work was so slanted towards women’s needs, that I was holding back from the – just as in need for power – male. I couldn’t just sit there and not respond emotionally… well, I suppose I could’ve but I chose not toimg_1482.JPG.

I have the unique and amazing circumstance of young people populating the center of my life, and sharing their perspectives on life, and growth. Asher said, “Mom, everything you do is golden. Why is it only for women?”

Makes one think, and honestly my children are the only people I really listen to any longer when it comes to some things… and business is one of them. This is not to say that other people don’t influence my thinking or behavior, but my kids are people whom I trust completely. They have my back, and I listen to them when it comes to their ideas about many things.

Once we broke up our party, and everyone went their separate ways, I stumbled out here to my lovely office and looked to see if I could have the domain name – “The People’s Empowerment Collective”. It’s mine now, and we’ll see where this all goes.

In the meantime, I’m still a champion; an Amazon for women… my men, well I love them too, and see the value of equality for all. I just feel blessed that I have children who are courageous enough to challenge their feisty mother.