Combining our feminine and masculine aspects is really important for women. Most women are comfortable being understanding, expressing support, sharing their hearts with others, helping people in their lives, taking care of people – but often having difficulty standing their ground when they need to.

It’s a cultural thing.  Since around 3800 B.C.E., women have had to depend on men in all ways. (Prior to this time frame women were the leaders… it was the transition from matriarchy to what we have now, patriarchy). Because the imprint is in there… in the fibers of a female’s mind… (if I don’t behave I won’t have a place to live, my children will starve, I’ll starve, I’ll be hurt… etc. etc.), women can tend to behave more timid or less aligned to truly asking or demanding what they want.

Currently, women don’t have to do it this way.  We are not dependent on anyone for our goodies… we are generally “running the show”.  It’s critical that women learn how to bring more of their masculine energy up to the surface in order to be firm and bring more things into form.

Feminine energy is nuturing, intuitive and brings spirit to earth.  Masculine energy allows that “idea” to be brought into form in the world.  Yet, when we are firm or insistent it can be uncomfortable for us, or people discount what’s shared, minimize our input, make us wrong or downright ignore us so we often refrain from that kind of clarity. Instead of being perceived as “firm” we are percieved as a “nagging female” or worse, a “bitch”.

Bringing a strong sense of your ability to “get things done” on any level is how you are already utilizing your masculine side.  Making an effort to do that emotionally is yet another step in the right direction.  We all love men who can be vulnerable and express their feelings, while at the same time, they are strong and deliberate in their actions.  It can become refreshing for a woman to be firm, loving and direct without apology or adjustment.

Just a little food for thought.