IMG_2694Miracles are an everyday occurrence that mostly go unnoticed. Typically, we are looking around for something fantastic to happen, in order to deem it a “miracle”.

One miracle I keep hearing people say they want to experience goes like this:

You’ve been buying the state lottery ticket for months dreaming that this week you find out that you’ve won millions of dollars, making all your money problems evaporate and everyone is suddenly your “best friend”.

This is a good example of what could be considered a “true miracle”… but is it?

Aren’t miracles supposed to enhance your life and inspire your heart?

There are significant downsides to “miracles” we aren’t ready for. We may think we want them, but they are as difficult to manage as any sudden change. The content isn’t the point, it’s your ability to enjoy it.

Maybe you’re someone who gets offended a lot. It’s as though everyone around you is finding fault with you and mostly unkind. You feel like you’re surrounded by hostility and judgment all day long, just wishing that it would lighten up. Work, home, everywhere you go you just feel unhappy and attacked.

Because you are concerned about hostility, you’re guarded and notice it’s presence. The truth is, it’s not the only thing that’s occurring in your day. Lots of things are happening, you just don’t notice them.

If you sincerely want go to a new level in life, there’s a powerful method of inviting new experiences to emerge that inspire and expand your life positively. Simply put, it is to begin a practice of looking at what is happening right now in your life with wonder and curiosity.

Here’s how it works in my family’s life.

Recently, we went to the Ferry building in San Francisco. We all spent the day doing things that we loved… we worked out, enjoyed some city sights and had the intention of going to the Ferry Building to purchase a bowl we’d seen months before.

The bowl we were looking for was specific. Nothing else would do, as it will be central to an event we are having a few months from now. We had remembered seeing this bowl months before, while we were in the midst of planning some details of the event coming up, and knew it would be the “perfect” thing for our ritual. None of us thought for a moment that it wouldn’t be there… even though it appeared to be “one of a kind” when we’d first seen it.

We parked the car a block away (one miracle), fed the meter (only $5, another miracle) and made our way into the long and luscious aisles of organic meats, produce and cheeses … (only a few short years ago I had to order everything “organic” ahead of time and wait for snail mail to deliver it weeks later. There weren’t huge buildings devoted to organic food by any stretch. Yet, another miracle).

The walk to the specific booth was short and the bowl was in plain view… right where we’d seen it before. Without much “to do” I asked to have it wrapped up by the attendant. She asked me the purpose of such an unusual bowl and how come we were so clear about buying it. When I told her, she was sort of amazed.

Now, I was curious.

Turns out, just the night before at 5:55 pm, she had received three bowls that they had not carried in months. In fact, she wasn’t expecting the shipment at all. The meaning of this item to us made her extremely happy, the miracle of it’s being there made all of us excited.

In that moment, 4 people were beaming and sharing a very small but delightful miracle!

Finally, as we were making our way out of the Ferry Building, we had an exchange with a very small boy. He was 15 months old, with wild hair, bright eyes and unbelievable running ability. His father kept up with him somehow as he tore past us (and many other on lookers), full of excitement about everything. Finding his father’s knees in the sea of legs all around him was clearly the “fun-est” aspect of his play, making him giggle and wiggle with joy when he found him.

I couldn’t help myself and hunkered down to catch him with my arms opened wide. When he saw me, his little face lit up with recognition. He “saw” me and almost ran into my arms, before his mind got the better of him. I’m not a person who is familiar, but he did sense a similarity of my excitement for life and his own.

As we walked away I realized that our day was full of miracles, if we choose to see them as such. Noticing them is how to bring the big ones closer… as well as manage them when they get here.

Maybe winning the lottery would work for me. Not sure, as I never thought about it seriously. I do know that focusing on the positive in my life is a great thing to do, regardless.

Cultivating joy is central to what I teach my students and clients. It’s a method for creating more of those things that you want. Being focused on what sucks brings you more of that, but it can be an easy shift if you try to, even if your negative habits are strong.

There are plenty of things that happen to you that are remarkable. Use them to inspire your life and prepare you for a joyful future.

The Queen.