It’s a new year and I don’t feel a bit different… just really glad to be alive.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of change for all of us.  The election, the economy (said with an ominous voice) and a myriad of newsworthy things that escape my distracted self.

I’ve been distracted with all the changes I’m experiencing on a personal and professional level… and listening to a new level of awareness floating, no… rushing through me.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  But, strange.

One of my daughters says I’m vague and she’s right.  I don’t have words to describe the changes that act as openings within my life.  Best to remain vague until something clear can be voiced, but simply knowing that I’m “listening” to something deeper, something that most would not listen to or perceive as real.

It is real.  More real than most of what I’ve heard over the past many years, yet somewhat unclear as to how to express in human terms. The voice inside me is mine, but its smarter and more knowing than my own knowledge of how life proceeds.

There is a plan for everything and it fits perfectly within our lives, we need only see what exists around us and open up to the beauty that is everywhere to behold… it reflects our deeper awareness and mimics the day to day human experiences we all have.

There is a beauty to the perfection of how the rain that falls makes things green and grass grow, just like a mother looking into the eyes of her infant as she nurses it supports the physical development of the child in more ways than just giving it nourishment.

It’s planned perfectly, but most of the time we’ll complain about the rain making us wet or the child’s physical needs taking us away from cleaning the dishes. Instead of being in the moment of wonder as to the perfection that is happening, we tend to focus on something other than that.

A human being is uniquely positioned to see either the good or the bad within any situation, we all have free will. When we are connected to Source energy we’ll see more of the beauty that is available to us and less of what’s not going our way.

Problems are no different than peace other than our relationship to it.

So, yes it is a New Year but it’s still the next day after the day before and I feel blessed to understand more in this new year than ever before.