IMG_0549_2Tonight I’m busy doing a few things and while I wait for files to upload, etc… I thought I’d check the news.

Most of the time, I’m quite “under informed” about world news, but I do hear about things and even check in with it at times… mostly out of curiosity. Yesterday I was thrilled to hear the Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The pundits say he hasn’t done anything yet to deserve it…and that’s kinda true, but it’s freaking awesome that he’s doing some of the things he’s doing… At least in my opinion.

But in my view of the news and even with my light glancing at the articles written, there’s just so much interesting commentary (well better said, childish commentary).

One dude did an opt/ed piece (I’m not going to reblog any of these, on purpose) where he wrote the acceptance speech he’d like Obama to say. His thought was that he shouldn’t accept it for himself, but for all the soldiers throughout American history…(he called them “peacekeepers”??? That just doesn’t compute in my mind. Even though I can say that they are brave and selfless… they aren’t peacekeepers. That would be the person who solves things without a gun.) .

Another talked about how the republicans are using it to up the anty with election contributions… (are we surprised by that idea?!)

Yet another woman I know, personally, thinks that Obama is the next Hitler…(Now, where did she hear that one? Fox. If you knew her, you’d know she isn’t prone to original thinking.)

Geez… WTF!!!

Oh well. It’s true that historically we do crucify people who are inspired fairly regularly…

I posted my photo here, as it seems that’s what you do when you give your opinion (and I am being purposely childish, as well, to make sure we’re on level editorial ground).