wof_patriot_immel2There are days where most of your experience is positive and generous, then there are days where the opposite is the case. The question many of my Amazons have for me revolve around how to manage the “up and down” quality of life.

It may sound trite or even a bit ridiculous to say that when you follow our heart no matter what occurs you are peaceful and content. Working within the Amazon Principles (An Amazon Knows What She Wants, An Amazon Stands Her Ground, An Amazon Replenishes Her Energy, An Amazon Takes Responsibility for Herself), you can experience “ups and downs” in a practical sense, but your response to what’s happening if far different.

Let me explain.

Everything you experience in life is perspective. Depending on your history, your upbringing, your circumstances etc. you form unique perspectives that are so strong that you believe that what is happening (or better said, your interpretation of what’s happening) is absolutely the truth. No one outside of you can suggest that there may be a more peaceful way to approach what’s happening, either.

When you are committed to what you believe and things don’t go the way that you think they should, you feel negativity or anger, remorse or victimization… Thing is; A belief is merely a thought that you’ve thought a lot. In other words, what you believe is not set in stone, unless of course you set it up that way. If you adhere to this idea of how things work, your life does feel like an up and down roller coaster ride.

Drama seems to be something most of us expect to suffer in our lives, but as one of my clients said the other night; “I realized that most of the difficulty I experienced (relating to an event) was not due to what happened with that woman, it was because of my reaction to it!”.

When you are following the 4 Principles you begin to shift your beliefs and become more curious about why something is occurring instead of upset about it.  You become so aligned to your truth and clear about what you want, you no longer entertain so much fear or trepidation and therefore create much different realities.

Taking full responsibility for your life experience does not mean that you immediately declare, “It’s all my fault!” to everyone involved when something happens (that would be more a martyr’s method and an Amazon is NEVER a martyr). It means that you recognize that you have a creative part in what’s happening and you solve all your problems through being peaceful, accountable, inquisitive, energized and curious.

Living life from the center is really what I’m talking about. Your life is no longer a reactive ride, but a proactive exercise! Look out into the world, define what you want, stand firm on the desire, keep your energy strong and be fully accountable….

Sweetheart, you simply can’t fail with this recipe for success… and the ride will be fun instead of painful.

Enjoy your day!

The Queen