There are so many different places where we can access information about how to have our lives become abundant and wonderful. Many teachers, authors and guides have been talking about this for years, but it seems that it’s reached a bit of critical mass in many communities.

The “Law of Attraction” is something I first heard about through “Abraham” about 9 years ago. (Go to this link to read my post about them some months ago).

Now, all these years later… everyone is talking about it… which is very cool!  Thing is, many are feeling a bit freaked out about what they are thinking about.

In a nutshell, The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on you get more of, or you attract it into your life. This new knowledge can make many people feel terrorized by their negative thoughts.  I’ve heard people say; “thoughts create… and I can’t stop thinking about _________ (something not wanted), which means that now I’ll get it”.

It’s painful to experience what people write and say about all this. Some of my students, clients and even just people I meet day to day feel really confused. Not about the validity of the Law of Attraction so much, but how to really work with it and have consistent success.

I am committed to following truth and possess a deep sense of compassion for others.  With my heart leading the way, I’ve written a new report about how to take the necessary and gentle steps towards manifesting more of what you want, without all the anxiety that is present for so many seekers of truth.

In exchange for your email address and name you can receive “How to Attract What You Want, The Amazon Warrior Way” .  Just visit my site… and enter your email address and name in the boxes off to the left at the top of the page.

It’s free! Plus, I don’t share emails with anyone or send a ton of superfluous emails to jam up your life.  What I do send are periodic “magazines” which have guidance, astrological information, good news, how to be a powerful female, parenting ideas and tons of suggestions for how to create a wonderful life… there are also announcements about events I’m involved in or think you’d like to know about.

FYI… all my work is directed towards women but I love men.  My work helps men just the same but the language is really for women! Guys it would be your call, but I don’t think the laws of the universe are all that concerned about gender issues, and the report would be helpful for you as well.  It’s not hard to unsubscribe from my list and you wouldn’t have to return the report… it’s really just a gift. ;o)

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We are at such a wonderful crossroads in so many ways.  It’s exciting to imagine what’s coming – especially when you learn how to navigate the changes with confidence, appreciation and excitement.  How to do all that is all contained in the report I’ve written.

Enjoy! And here’s to a beautiful day…


The Queen