roz_squatIt’s been too long since I posted a workout, largely because I keep thinking I have to make them all for those who aren’t working out in a gym. Instead of not posting them, I will post the ones that I’m doing weekly.

Sometimes you’ll have the equipment, sometimes you won’t… so, do them when you can.


High Bar Back Squats –

Warm up with a 400 meter run. Use a broomstick or dowel to open up your hips with overhead squats for 10. With the same stick, roll your shoulders while holding the stick in long arms – rotate the stick from in front of you, all the way over your head and then behind you as far as you can go.

10 pull-ups

10 sit-ups

With an empty bar (33 lbs or 45 lbs) on a rack do 5 deep squats with the bar rested between your shoulder blades on your back.

Up the weight doing 5 squats at a time until you have to really work the last 2 reps. That’s your working weight.

At the weight that is your “working weight” do;

5-5-5 (throw some strict pull ups in between each set. 3x each)

finish with 3 sets of 3x kipping pull-ups.

You’re done!

The Queen