080_2Have you ever considered how well orchestrated your life is?

If you really thought about how well taken care of you are, you’d be head over heels in joy!


Take a moment and think about how your life has been, so far. When you look back on your life, you’ve had a lot happen that is amazing in it’s perfection. In retrospect you can see that all your experiences have offered you something valuable… even if it’s inception seemed really “wrong” at the start.

Let me explain.

Ever seen (and heard) a little kid crying mournfully at the check out stand at the grocery store?  Some are quietly snuffling, while others are having a full blown tantrum, which can make you squirm with discomfort. The little one is so “in the moment” they are only present for the fact that they’re not getting what they want that “red hot minute” and making a racket about it.

The little one is not aware during their tantrum, that in a few short minutes, mommy will hug them and make the sadness go away with her attention and soft words that inspire calm and comfort. She’ll make sure that her little one is well taken care of in every way possible, even though the child is unable to know that right then while they’re blowing a gasket.

Believe it or not, you’re not much different than the little gremlin at the grocery store. You aren’t listening to the soft words of encouragement you are receiving from your “Mother” or the Source within you. In our reality we can’t know how the disaster we have in the moment is actually a part of a bigger creation that is known by Source… the creation that you are really after.

We think that if we put in an order in for something we want; say our affirmations and think positively we ought to get what we want… and soon (at least on the schedule we have in our head).  Then when it doesn’t come exactly as we ordered it exactly when we have to have it, then we get upset.

Most of us go right ahead and do that (get upset). Even though there’s something even better waiting for us… even more than what we’d originally ordered.  Instead we get pissed off about what we have (or scared, worried, angry, negative… etc. etc.) and have absolutely no faith that everything we want is waiting for us already… we just have to move through time and space for it to emerge.

Most of the time, we start getting worried about why it’s not happening NOW and blow our own gasket. It may not be in public or quite as obvious as a small child’s expression, but I’ve witnessed a fair share of this phenomenon, so I wanted to offer something to help you calm down.

Look back in your own personal history (herstory works too… ). Notice how what you could say were full blown disasters in your life became a doorway into something that you really wanted to experience or have.

If you are completely honest with yourself, looking at your life without the victim’s storyline what do you see? Some of what we experience is devastating… a child dies, a relationship ends badly, you become very ill… we humans have a hard time sometimes and what we experience can appear to be the worst thing that ever could’ve happened.


What emerged after your own personal pain, difficulty or disaster? Who did you become, what did you learn about yourself, what happened to your relationships… how much closer to your own sense of the divine did you find yourself?

When you allow yourself to surrender into trust and love of everything that occurs with the acceptance that no matter what has happened, your life is and has been an amazing orchestration of love.

These events have lined up seamlessly to cultivate the YOU that you are today.


The Queen