Being high above the desert floor was thrilling.  Getting there scary and getting down embarrassing. Instead of getting my feet up under me while climbing down, I splayed out like a kid, completely flattening myself against the solidity of the rock, which seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

It wasn’t, and my companion was very kind in refraining from mentioning how ridiculous I looked (later, amidst a good deal of laughter he did – mention it). I was mashed up like a overcooked potato and thinking that I’d get down easily in that position.  I didn’t, so I had to behave more like a person who could take care of herself and trust the rock, then a person who was guided by a fear of falling off the rock.

Sort of like life.

How much better do we do when we have faith, get our feet up under us even when it’s scary to do that and make our way through difficulties with some confidence in the process. My experience is the latter.

Faith seems to be everything. It provides all the abilities we need to accomplish whatever is in front of us.  I’ve learned to trust my instincts and quiet the thoughts that offer me discomfort. They just stress me out…(like, had I been cognizant of my position I could have thought I looked like an idiot, totally messing up my ability to get down and not having any fun when the event was discussed after the fact. I’d have been offended and embarrassed).  Really, if you think about your thoughts you’ll realize that even if something happened 20 years ago and you’re still thinking about it, the weirdness lives on.  The event is over, but here you are keeping it real and alive by allowing your thoughts about it take you for a shitty ride.

There is so much written about how significant your thoughts are that people are trying to stop thinking negatively, instead of looking deeply at their thoughts and questioning whether they are true or not.  Even “real” events when put up against this kind of inquiry become “non-events”.  They’re over.  All that’s killing you are your thoughts about it.

Check out Byron Katie’s work.  It offers more on this subject and she’s perfected it so I won’t try to make it better.  The “Work” works for me… and I had a lot more fun being less than graceful than I normally do.