On August 16th at 2:18 p.m. PDT we will experience a full eclipse of the moon.  Do you know what is the significance of an lunar eclipse is, and how it impact people…. or more specifically you?

It depends. Where the eclipse falls in the sky can be even more distinct for your life then just an eclipse occurring, which alone is significant.

The word “eclipse” stems from the Greek verbs ecleipo (to cease existing) and calypse (“to cover”).  The Sun represents the logical aspects of life, and relates to “father”, the Moon represents the emotional aspects of life, and relates to “mother”.  When the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth for a few hours, we simply experience the Moon directly without the reflected light of the Sun.  In essence we experience a deeper level of ourselves and can see things in a much different light.

This particular eclipse incorporates all three of the outer planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), with Neptune at 23 degrees Aquarius being the closest.  Neptune will be right next to the Moon which is at 24 degrees Aquarius during the eclipse.

What that indicates is that the mystical elements, or dreamy nature of Neptune further amplifies the Moon’s already spiritual elements so your intuition will be heightened – and your highest hopes and dreams easier to envision.  Neptune enables us to feel the depth of connection we share with one and other, as we ARE all connected.  If you allow Neptune’s influence to heighten your awareness, you are effectively allowing for a conscious connection with all that you are wanting to create.

Easier said than done, but worth the effort.  It is falling on a weekend day, so my recommendation is to meditate, contemplate, be in nature, do something artistic… literally have some quiet and expansive FUN.  Allow your mind to turn off, as it will (in other words don’t try to do something too awful productive… ) naturally, and make room for impressions and “God” nudges to make their way into your conscious mind.

The Aquarian ideal is community… everyone, all inclusive and expanded value for all.  Let yourself dream of a future where your dreams, the dreams of your sisters and brothers, and the dreams of the planet are realized.

Blessed be….

The Queen