Women are so lucky when it comes to their friendships. Women relate from the heart and we are devoted, not only to our girlfriends but to our children, our lovers and our families.

As I wander through this time in my life I’ve had amazing experiences with different people who I have always considered friends, but because of my busy life hadn’t spent much time with them.

Yesterday, I had a yard sale.  Probably the first of many and they are an interesting way to pass the time.  My sweet neighbor came by to chat a bit, as she hadn’t seen me in awhile.  My son and her’s were the best of friends when they were very young and she and I had a natural connection on many levels.  Tonight she came by to just let me know that if I needed anything, she and her husband wanted me to know that they are right there for me.  A place to stay, a sailing trip whenever I want, a space on their boat in the harbor to just sleep there… just so much thoughtfulness.

A few hours before another friend brought over an entire dinner for me and Tyler to share!  She teaches yoga and I coach her in exchange.  It’s always been a wonderful exchange, but the perks for me are her amazing generosity with food and flowers… in addition to her amazing yoga classes.

These are women who are friends… and people who simply give back to others, naturally.

I’ve been graced with amazing people who love me with such sweetness… and I appreciate it.