The idea that we can let go of all our previous beliefs about what a woman “should” behave like takes some work. Being powerful in the world today is your gift to everyone around you.  You are now in a position to let go, or “throw away” all your preconceived notions about what being a woman actually is.

Of late, my personal journey has required a tremendous amount of soul searching – and an in depth look at my life, what I’ve been doing with it, and how I’ve spent my own energy.  Every woman ought to take the time to do this, and really you don’t need to go into the depths of despair like I have, to do that.

Do it anyway.

Feminine power is an illusive thing; meaning it moves around a lot.  We are powerful because we are beautiful, we can control others or tend to them, we can stand up to what’s “wrong” and celebrate what’s good and right with the world.  We are where everyone looks to for that guidance.

Men seem to have the upper hand in society, but that just isn’t true.  Who runs the household, who takes care of the kids, who offers the bulk of her time to the betterment of society?


So, just start living like that.  Resist the urge to take care of others when they are not pulling their weight.  You aren’t doing them any favors, or yourself.  Say “no” and mean it when someone asks you to overlook their behavior or actions when said behavior is out of integrity.  Practice entertaining ideas or thoughts that are taboo, or not cool to have.  Take people out of your life who disrespect you, or dismantle your sense of dignity with their words or actions. Call others on their lack of integrity with care and love, requesting they return to that state of grace.  Practice acts of love randomly and without any expectation of return… do this daily and with a sense of the divine.

Stand up for yourself… and always ask “what would love do here?”

Small things that provide you with a deep sense of connection with all that is, and the you that exists within that…