Energy is always the root of anything and the activator of the physical realities we experience. High or low.. bumps or bruises happen no matter what level of energy you possess.  How the challenges are handled is relative to the level of energy you are running.

High vibration people handle things through peace… low vibration people handle things through rage, withdrawal or by running their energy off of other people.

People or things can never measure up to what the Divine can provide to you, even on their best day.  Your success and joy depends on being aligned to source energy; connected with that instead of someone or something outside of you.  The number one resource is the Divine or “God” – if you will …

As soon as one gets clear about and acts on it, magic happens.

Today, I had this rush of excitement as I felt my inner being blooming and percolating up to my conscious awareness.  I may have recently been rejected – but I’m becoming more and more aware of how insignificant it is to be rejected when looking at my life through the lens of an energy field instead of my flesh, blood and bone femaleness.

What I want is the high vibration life and have had that for much of my life.  Like I said, not without many bumps and bruises.  I got to share that for a long time with another and now I get to have it all by myself.  How to be in “peace” with this indicates something about what’s coming.

My choice is to continue to be in Peace with it all, love deeply regardless of what’s happened, let go with integrity and remain openhearted to all of life.