Every day I do my best to “get real” and stay with the truth. Being a person who has what people call “a sixth sense”, reality moves around a bit and it can be infuriating to be close to me.  What’s real isn’t always “real” and the “truth” is relative… not only that, both can mess with your head.

I have lied so much in my past that I swore I wouldn’t do it again… and even with that kind of determined commitment – I’ve lied again.

So, if you ask me to stop… lying forever, smoking tobacco, loving my kids, being alone or being psychic I’d have to say;

“As soon as you stop …. eating candy, drinking too much, messing around behind your lover’s back,  buying too much, working out 12 times a week, worrying about what everyone else thinks, stealing other people’s partners, being an asshole, yelling at the waitress, driving too fast, talking down to your teenagers, comparing your ass or your biceps to the woman or man you saw at the gym, thinking that you are better than me because you have a ton of money… etc. I’ll give all that up because you asked me to for my own good…I can see that you can stop on a dime the things that you do that aren’t good.”

Just don’t ask me to do anything that you aren’t willing to do yourself.  I will return the favor.