This morning I woke up with the phrase, “sleeping was like a prayer”.

Lately, I find myself very distracted with gratitude.  Last night, all the children I raised but the one in Hawaii, came to my little cabin for dinner.

First we all met at a local winery for wine and cheese and then made our way to the little cabin I now live in. My youngest had been delivered here, apart from the rest of us, by his friend of many years and her father.  So, we all clambered into the house with a roaring fire in the stove (thanks to the teenaged firestarter) and almost immediately everyone started making food.

The barbeque was started, the salad constructed, the cheese plate created, the vegetables cut and cooked, the bottle of wine opened… all that while lively conversation and laughter was central to amazing levels of industriousness. No one was idle, yet everyone was peaceful and happy. Without any planning all participants began to contribute to our feast.

Our prayer of gratitude for the event, the food and the shared energy was then spontaneously offered by my oldest son.  While one of the kids remarked about how the new owners of our recently sold home cut down the amazing walnut tree in the back yard.  The tree where so much of our similar gatherings for over 10 years were conducted.  At first there was pain in the response to such an act, then Asher said;

“I want to say that here we are, in a new place and all together.  All of us have been released from the old patterns that were created in the other house. Each of us have really begun to make our own lives our own… we still have each other and this new magical place to share our lives together.  I am glad for all the change and glad that we still share our lives no matter where it happens.”

Some of the kids weren’t there yet.  Still some sadness for the loss of the house and other things, but there was a sense of truth to what he said that resonated with my heart.

All the changes seemed to be so “unfair” at the time and so hard to appreciate.  That was my work, to show the kids the example of being open to what was coming and fully immerse myself in it’s magic without looking back at the past.

At first I really struggled, but in time and with a tremendous amount of conscious effort, I did see the magic happening all around me.  How well provided for we have always been and even though the changes seemed like tragedies in the human realm, they weren’t.  The changes were finally accepted and celebrated.

Now, I have the unique ability to see the perspective that all that truly mattered to me I still possessed, as did my children.  Central to that realization was the magic of my family and how solid that is.  It never wavers, always offers much laughter and a good deal of perspective about what really matters.

We are a tribe of loving people, sharing our hearts with many and loving life as it arrives… with all its pimples and warts… its life and may be “messy” but oh, so wonderful.

Here’s to being Distracted with Gratitude.