devacurl.jpgDeva Curl is the answer to your problems if you have a head of curly hair, like I do.  OK, you’re probably wondering what’s an “Amazon” doing talking about hair, and hair goo?  I can almost hear you saying,

“Like, O My God!, why would an warrior queen care about how she looks?”

Simple, we do care about how we look; feminist or not.  It’s really quite simple.  Women are all about hair, skin and body stuff.  Lotions and potions, goo and oils – anything to smear on our bodies or hair gets our attention.

Back in the day, (I’m talking the ’60’s and ’70’s) feminists turned away from these idle pastimes, and I don’t think that it was approved of… but then neither would pole dancing, which is all the rage I’m told.  Now, being a feminist DOES NOT mean anything other than pursuing an even footing for both genders.  At least that’s my take on it.

I’m a proud feminist and I will accept full responsibility for being one – and I give a shit about my hair.

Tonight, Chelsea and I went to the “Curly Girl” show… just a product demo, but it was fun.  Mostly because I was lurking around a bunch of women and getting tons of confirmation about how women relate, what we relate about, and how flippin’ noisy it can get in a room full of women…

Especially women with tons of curly hair.