img_1160.JPGEveryday we make choices, and some days our choices are less desirable than others. The key to behaving like an Amazon is making choices that come from the deepest part of your desire.

Yes, that’s one major secret of becoming powerful.

Choices brought me to this place, and I’ve been to this island a number of times. Thing is, very trip offers me another window into myself for some reason.

This trip I’ve had the pleasure of staying a long time and I have the ability to continue working while away so I haven’t really lost any significant professional ground by being here. My significant other was unable to come as we had originally planned, and I found myself visiting my daughter without my companion of 11 years. What that means is that during the many days or evenings that Sarah is working, or otherwise occupied, I’ve wandered around by myself quite a bit.

I’ve been teaching the value of knowing what you want and focusing on that desire, with joy, in order to bring it into your experience. Sometimes, the things that we want to just pop into our reality, don’t… and we tend to give up.

Personally, I’m no stranger to the difficulty of manifesting everything that I want. Yet, I can still say that knowing what you truly want, and getting very excited about it’s arrival is the key to making things happen. It’s even more important that a lot the action you may have to take to get things going.img_0944.JPG

While it’s true that just wishing something will happen doesn’t work, killing yourself to make things happen doesn’t either. To be powerful, and female means that you begin to investigate what you are doing with yourself and if what you are doing is in line with what you want.

When I first arrived, I was a bit sad that my partner wasn’t with me and I struggled with being here alone… for a moment. Then, I started to dig into my life, my desires, my joy and my excitement about being in paradise for a nice long time. I appreciated my clients who called in from all over the country and shared their joys and struggles with me. I spoke with my partner, my children at home, and my friends as well.  I sunk into living with my daughter again, and her amazing family of friends who live with her… and oh, her amazing pitt bull, Bella.

This is all about the fact that I got to choose how I was going to feel.  Missing my partner was true, but being with myself was also true. Being free to choose is your right, consider looking at the entire picture, navigating your way into the best possible feeling you can muster, and get so damned excited about seeing it manifest that nothing really stays difficult for all that long.


The Queen