Today we get to vote… and I haven’t posted in three weeks!

Sorry about the lack of presence… so much has been going on, but I had to send out this message today even though I’m still up to my ears in shuffling boxes and lifting heavy pieces of furniture.

This photo is from space.  I don’t even know what it’s a photo of, other than it’s real and from our universe.  It struck me today how magnificent our world is… and election or not… the government does not define our results or experience.  What decides our lives is our relationship to wonder.  Are you aware of all the beauty that is present in your world?  Do you feel that you are at the center of an amazing dance that is “your life”.  No one outside of you defines your experience… especially the government.

The election is important… it really is.  But, it’s not as important as our commitment to “being the change we want to see in the world” (Ghandi).  Through sincere gratitude and unconditional love for self, miracles can happen… really in every moment.

I’m interested in strong leadership and always have been.  I want to see the United States reclaim a bit of her integrity and stand strong as a country that is committed to accountability and a lot more care, confidence and respect expressed towards everyone, all countries, all peoples and aspects of life.

My own path as an American has been to remain patriotic and re-read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution often for these past years of war and fear.  I am actually one of the millions who lost their home… but I remain a grateful member of the American citizenry… I love what we could be more than what we’ve been for a while here.

Here’s to more change and excited anticipation to allow whatever comes to be exactly what is needed for all and appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.


The Queen