Here’s some news is about a young Amazon… Danica Patrick, a race car driver, made history (or shall I say “herstory”) this week by being the FIRST woman to win a major car race – the Indy 300 in Japan!

That’s cool! Check this video out….

I feel like today offered me some amazing opportunities to “stand my ground” as an Amazon and funny but it’s mostly women who are behaving poorly. When are we going to start supporting each other?!

Without naming names, or dishing out negativity – I just feel abundantly blessed to have the absolute “knowing” that all that I want is really coming. That these incredible difficulties are temporary – and although they aren’t life threatening – they are certainly threatening the status quo. I like that.

You definitely want some of what I got! It’s amazing to stand your ground and not really kill anyone.

THRILLING actually.

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That’s cool!