This is my friend Andrew Sawyer…

The last time I saw him, he came flying into our living room all smiles, and goodness… that’s who he was.

Yes, he was an amazing athlete… the most amazing skiier I’ve known.  He surfed, climbed rocks, rode a bike many long miles, lived a sparse life in a van, or a tent, or wherever he landed… if you were his friend you couldn’t help but offer comfort and conversation when he stopped by for a visit.  He coached my son, and touched his life in a big way… and he was a friend to me during some intense periods in my life.  I know I was help to him, as well.

All those times that he thought he wasn’t enough, or that he was a loser and I would tell him that he was not any of those things… that it would pass and his life was a testament to what being a man could be, it just wasn’t in a form that was “typical”.

He did believe me sometimes, and I know it helped to hear that he was more than what he thought he was.  I always wanted to remind him how incredibly precious he was… and I did often.  He solicited “heart” from his friends… as well as some concern.

The last time I saw him, I gave he and his lover a book… and hugged him tight. They stayed for a few moments, and then they walked out looking so sweet together… he’d found a woman to love him, and it seemed well with them.

I just got word that things weren’t so good for him (and that happened often for him, but what a warrior he was)… so, he decided to move on to another place.

Just love you Andrew.

I can hear you saying (as you nod and roll your head at the same time)….