img_0709The weekend is almost over, already… makes me wonder where the days go… I love that my days are full of wonder so it’s just something I notice, from time to time… how time flies.

It may be unusual to live life this way, but having lived with restrictions myself I can see how liberating it is to live from the center.

Several years ago I had a dream that inspired me to create something of incredible value for women. I took to the task with a considerable amount of tenacity, given that I was running a business and raising my kids alone.

Having already been immersed in serving others as a consultant and executive coach, I could see for myself how difficult it was for women to rise up out of their perception of who they were and live a bigger life. So many women spend so much of their time wondering if their butt is too big, if their co-worker is stealing their ideas, if their children will be chosen for some school, or if their husband is wandering off with some young bimbo. Few spend their time wondering if they are living the truth of their being… which has practically NOTHING to do with anything we are spoon fed to believe is important.

Maybe I should have been more concerned about all those issues, but I wasn’t. I remained focused on my own truth. On how to serve and love all those around me without giving up my divine energy to do so. In the scheme of life, I lost a lot last year but gained much more in this year… and never wavered off the course that the Amazon Principles describes.

  • An Amazon knows what she wants
  • An Amazon stands her ground
  • An Amazon replenishes her energy
  • An Amazon takes responsibility for herself

That is what Inspiring the Amazon Within is all about. Finding your center by engaging with your soul as opposed to listening to your little ego’s rants about life.

So, what is the difference between listening to your ego, and listening to your soul?


Your ego would have you feel fear about how others see you. Your ego would have you release your integrity in order to “get” something that seems important in the world. Your ego would have you think less of another so you feel better about yourself.

Your soul knows that you are perfect where you are with all the warts and pimples you may currently possess. Grasping for outside recognition instead of cultivating inner awareness is the ego’s method. Your soul and serving the truth of your being will you anchored front and center in your life, without apology or consideration for what other’s feel about you.

Not an easy shift, but so worth the effort. Take a look at how you can start becoming all that you are. The home study course I created is designed to transform your thinking about yourself and get you moving in ways that embellish your own life at the same time you assist others to do the same.

Rarely do I suggest that you get involved with this work via the blog… it speaks for itself. I understand that we are all attracted to exactly what is next in our evolution, especially when we are listening. Today, I realized that it isn’t a bad idea to make suggestions, though. So many women are lost and I’m certain that some of those women could use a little nudge… at the very least she could look into what the course has to offer.

There’s an order page here on the blog, click here to read a bit more about what Inspire the Amazon Within is all about.

Blessings on your journey!

The Queen