Amazon Workout for today…

Yesterday I did a really fun workout. Want to share it with you.

After a good warmup… stretch out your shoulders, legs and all extremities. I rowed for awhile, used a dowel to open up my (very sore shoulder and arms due to my Tuesday workout loaded with pull-ups), did a bunch of air squats and made sure that I was good and warm before digging into this.

With my trainer, who kept a close eye on my form and helped me load up the barbell to a good bench press weight, I did the following workout.

Four rounds of the following movements;

500 m. row

35, 30, 25 & 20 sit-ups

7 bench press (79 lbs., 82 lbs., 84 lbs., 87 lbs.)

You can use dumbbells instead of a bar bell for the bench press and substitute the row with a 400 meter run.

For me, having had so many kids, sit ups really hurt so I reduced the reps to accomodate for that. I think it was better for my head than I had to have that reduction, but that would be hard to actually know for sure. All I can say is doing sit-ups is the only time where I actually feel any sponteneous negativity towards my kids. My muscles sure had to get out of the way for their gestation, so I do feel somewhat compromised even after so many years of not being pregnant.

Have fun with this!

The Queen

(the photo is a small statue from the Bronze Age of a woman athlete… she is strong and direct, huh? Taken by Vicki Noble)