dsc_565“Your daily life is your temple and your religion. Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.” Kahlil Gibran

This morning I was listening to my companion, “Kitty”… snore (she’s a little black cat who lives with me and purrs a lot). I’ve lived with her for a number of years and this morning was very present for this funny personality trait that she has. Complete surrender seems to be her thing, so much so that she snores. What really strikes me though, is her ability to move from snoring to being completely AWAKE… in an instant.

It got me musing about the nature of a day. If I live to be 80, that means I have a finite number of days… 29,200 to be exact. So far I’ve used 18,067 or so… which gives me approximately 11,133 days to enjoy, or not. This makes me well past the half way mark… if I only live to 80 years old.

Most mornings I have intense inspiration for my day and it comes without effort now. Could it be that I was sleeping through my days sometimes, not appreciating what they offered me completely? Maybe I was lost in prior days where I experienced something significant or daydreaming about future days not yet lived. 

In the past year many of us have had some defining experiences to deal with. When that happens we can get really lost in even one day. We can stop appreciating and simply feel worry, sadness or complete disempowerment. There could be amazing things occurring all around us, but we are asleep (and maybe even snoring) to it all.

My question to you is this:

If you approached your day is if it were a temple; a structure where reverence was expressed… what would you experience?

Wonder if… you decided to reign your negative musings in throughout the day, making a sincere effort to find something to be grateful for?

Wonder if… you asked “how can I serve you” instead of “what are you going to do for me?”

Wonder if… you were ABSOLUTELY committed to making your day wonderful?

Some would counter, “Yeah, well you aren’t suffering from …. (whatever is their focus of attention).” In that case I would still say that regardless of what’s wrong in your world, there are far more things RIGHT. Here are a few everyday miracle to keep in your mind…

  • Scientists don’t know what makes our hearts beat consistently and rhythmically for approximately 29,200 days, without stopping. There isn’t a device in our bodies or any clear, scientific indication for how that happens.
  • We breathe in and out the same number of days without thinking about it much at all.
  • The trees breathe out the very chemical that we breathe in.
  • The bees fly around miles and miles a day collecting nectar from flowers in the process of taking care of themselves and their hive. They also pollinate all the plants they play with EVERYWHERE.
  • Worldwide, there are four babies born every second. (if you’ve ever given birth or witnessed a birth you can KNOW what an amazing miracle that is.

When things are really grim in your reality its far more difficult to focus on these amazing miracles, but make an effort. When you understand that there are never any exceptions to why things manifest in the physical you may make a more determined effort. Everything you experience is a direct response to what you are offering… energetically. Abundance is everywhere for you to enjoy… could that be the “temple of your day”… ?

This morning as I thought about how precious just one day is, I felt an amazing rush of excitement. I thought; “what will happen today, who will I meet, what beauty will I see, what is going to happen?” and it started with my noticing that my kitty snores and it’s cute.

Here is to your brand new day!

the Queen