pumpkinsunsetThere have been many changes of late for many of us… really ALL of us.  And, don’t you think there is a sense of “hope” floating around?

Obviously, we are all ready for it. It’s been such a strange time of challenge and disappointment for so many people that fears about survival seem to take the most precedence.

Thing is, are you ever REALLY that far from being satisfied (much less staying alive)?

You can probably go down the street to get a cup of coffee or some food.  If you can’t, it seems hard to imagine that you would have access to this post.

So, consider this…

Is there really any concern about survival or is that something that your mind has got you focused on… so much so that it seems real?

Barak Obama, our newly elected president, is a true leader.  I haven’t heard him say that he would “save” us; rather he says things to get all of us personally involved in a collective transformation. I feel that he’s talking about a transformation of our current perspectives in an effort to offer a significant collective shift.  That thinking and focusing on what is right with the world can act as a catalyst for significant change in our country (but, first your own life).

We all know that thoughts create (many of us, anyway). The work that I’ve been doing has me talking alot about “sloppy thinking” with my clients.

So, tell me. What are your dominant thoughts on a daily basis? Are you concerned, frightened, aggravated, angry, joyful or appreciative…?

What is in your mind?

For me, I think a lot about what’s going well; what I can appreciate about the day, what I could do to serve others in my life or how I could give back for all that is provided for me.  I think about how I’m taken care of all the time without being asked to pay a dime for it, or that I even appreciate Source for giving it to me. I receive things like my breath, my heartbeat, thoughts of the lovely world that I live in or the people I get to share my time with… these are the things I think about most of the time.

In fact, when I’m thinking thoughts that are different than these, I actually feel a significant difference in my body. It’s tighter and my belly seems to take up too much space, making my breath shorter and less free.

Why would I waste my energy being anything but grateful? Usually it’s because of fear… and that brings us back around to survival. (Sister, gotta get over this!)

Be a part of the solution in these “challenging” times; (which are actually quite amazing). It’s not all doom and gloom, at all.  I don’t watch the T.V. much, or keep up with every day’s news. (It’s always spun to be bad, anyway.)  I know better.

When I look around I see people smiling and enjoying life, more than being upset or gloomy. Most of us are experiencing much more than negativity… I see people appreciating simple things and loving life.

Things like;

  • Strangers giving you a smile as you pass them on a busy street
  • Tweets on the Twitter machine that are funny as well as supportive
  • Photos posted on Facebook of little ones being born and people having fun.
  • The tree outside your window that is bending in the wind, cheerfully singing a “tree in wind” song…

Enjoying yourself does not mean that you turn a blind eye to the suffering of others; but is your being unhappy going to feed someone in Sudan or give unhappy people an opportunity to get happy? NO…

Your being joyful will promote the energy of abundance with in your life, and the lives of others…  and that makes a difference.

Look around and find something to be grateful for so you can start to become a vital part of a collective change… how you feel is your personal and collective ticket to utter freedom and joy.  Use it to guide you towards transformation…


the Queen