Freedom I want to talk about solidarity amongst women. I’ve tended to walk the middle road without being blaming to anyone about my perspective, but this needs to be said.

Recently I sent an email to a woman whom I don’t know and probably never will. I sent it to her because I was aware of her having been lied to, by omission. She was unaware of important facts, and I sent her an email filling her in.

Why did I do that? What business is it of mine?

Because I am a woman on a mission for equality, some people have called me a crusader and not in a positive way. But, my methods to achieve that balance are not steeped in focusing on what’s wrong. Rather, they are focused on what could be. In order to accomplish my goal, I am risking a lot. I’ve lost much in the way of what I thought was important to me at one time, to pursue my interest in raising awareness and making huge shifts in our culture one person at a time. These goals require being “inappropriate” or meddlesome… again, as some would say.

Thing is, when a woman is treated with deception, I’m going to say something. Said woman may or may not be interested in my communication, and email is by far the most impersonal method of communication on the planet, next to text messages – but it may open her up to whose really got her back.

Listen, not all men fall into this category but men have a privileged position in society, and can deceive women to get what they want and not suffer many consequences. Usually, it’s just a blow job their after – but it can also be comfort and security for many, many years. People will say what they want us to hear in order to remain unaccountable for their feelings or actions. Sometimes I will be compelled to communicate that deception. Sometimes I will.

All that said, I will always remain a warrior when it comes to women. I will always grow beyond my own limitations of perceiving any separation from any human being to produce positive change. I will always remain with the truth.

Hopefully that will provide me with the initiative to weather any storm or broad sweeping criticisms I face in the future, as I believe that I am about to experience much of that.